This weekend we hosted the IAAC WINGS 2014 workshop at IAAC and the Valldaura Self Sufficent Labs campuses. WINGS stands for Workshop in Intensive Networking Games and Strategies, and aims to deal with the process of architecture with a ludicrous approach, using games to generate architecture. This was fulfilled thanks to the enthusiasm not just of the students, consisting in the IAAC Master in Advanced Architecture students, as well as visiting students from the CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) from the USA, and students from the Polytechnic School of Genoa (Italy), but also the extreme enthusiasm of the Tutors (both from IAAC and invited by IAAC), coming from diverse disciplinary backgrounds – Architects, Designers, Artists, Actors and Anthropologists. The theme chosen this year was that of Materializing Data through Landscape. Each group composed of 2 or more tutors and around 15 students were given open data sources that they studied on Friday, at the Pujades 102 campus, finding data sets that emerged to them as points of interest on the basis of which to conceive an installation, performance, land art, sensorial experience, and much more. Day 2 of the workshop, held in the Valldaura Self Sufficient Labs, brought to life the installations and performances conceptualised through game play the day before, giving way to the transformation of the Valldaura landscape through the materialisation of data. The tutors were: Manuel Gausa, Maria Aiolova, Marc Aureli Santos, Amadeu Santacana, Joan Maroto, Ana Martinez, Lisa Marrani, Anastasia Pistofidou, Laila Tafur, Ovidiu Cincheza, Georg Ladurner, Alexandre Dubor, Norma Deseke, Nicola Canessa, Jonathan Minchin, Drew Carson, Guillem Camprodon, Gaia Grossi and Mathilde Marengo. 1546025_581113435303284_1996810097_n