fallterm-sombra1 IAAC is proud to announce the Fall Lecture Series 2013:

16th October 2013 ERIC OWEN MOSS Architect and Professor Director at SCI-Arc – Los Angeles

21st October 2013 ROUND TABLE: “BEYOND GREEN” “Sustainable 21st Century-Global Cities” Ron Beit, Mario Chang, Christian Benedetto, Russell de la Rosa, Ignacio Jiménez de la Iglesia Moderated by Gonzalo Delacámara

22nd October 2013 GEORGE JERONIMIDIS Engineer and Professor University of Reading   |   AA School of Architecture – London

29th October 2013 ARNDT GOLDACK Engineer and Researcher Chair of Conceptual and Structural Design – TU Berlin

31st October 2013 ANUPAMA KUNDOO Architect and Professor University of Queensland – Brisbane

7th November 2013 CLAUDIA PASQUERO + MARCO POLETTO Architects and Professors EcologicStudio   |   The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL – London

19th November 2013 BEN FLANNER Engineer and Farmer Founder & President of Brooklyn Grange

26th November 2013 RICHARD BLYTHE Architect and Professor Dean at RMIT University – Melbourne

28th November 2013 NEIL LEACH Architect and Theorist University of Southern California – Los Angeles

Events supported by Moritz, Barcelona