That’s thirty minutes away, I’ll be there in ten” Pulp fiction The concept of the workshop was to develop 6 fields of play directed by 6 teams so as to produce a reflection around and on the new lines of thought in contemporary architecture and the contemporary position of the architect in this socio-cultural scenario. A mix between reflection and playing games, thought and action. A hybrid that mixes critics and actions. Finally, a critical action. We had less than 48 hours to energetically produce a critical and propositive action. An action-production whose definition was to be open to the individual criteria of the 6 invited production and thought groups, and that could be developed as a punctual action, as an active object , as a giant map or any special or material form of manipulation that activates the positive-critical reflection of the spectator. The answer was to be festive and/or ludicrous. The aim was to answer the question posed through a process of “productive games”, both intense and rapid (object, action or installation) and to occupy or, in any case, transform a space inside IAAC (6 simultaneous spaces, like a multi-track circus). The invited teams: 6 fields, 6 teams: José Maria Torres Nadal and Antonio Sanmartín Josep Maria Garcia Cors Juan Alfonso Zapata Studio G – Mathilde Marengo, Jeannette Sordi and Anna Varaldo Joan Maroto, Lis Marrani and Ana Martinez Luciana Asinari and Silvia Brandi The structures and performances were presented on the 28th through an itinerant multi ring circus presentation party.