2013-05-30 MAA ENRICO DINI Enrico Dini at IaaC Lecture: D-Shape: petrified algorythms” 30th of May // 19:30 // IAAC Auditorium // C/Pujades 102 BARCELONA Enrico Dini is an Italian civil engineer who spent most of his career in automation and robotics for the footwear industry. Since the late 90’s Enrico came into contact with rapid prototyping techniques used to facilitate the design of the shoes. In 2003, while he was 3D printing a shoe sole, Enrico had a vision of this technique applied on a large scale and imagined a new free form architecture. Enrico decided to return to its original skill enriched by his experience in robotics and since then has devoted his life to developing a new construction technique based on the principles of stereolitograpy. In 2007 helped from his trusted brother Riccardo, Enrico tested successfully his large scale D-Shape printer prototype and the following year he printed the Radiolaria, the first free-form building structure ever. Today Enrico Dini is immersed in developing D-Shape, 3D Printing Building technology to bring innovation to the architecture and construction industries.