IAAC Global Summer school ended last week. 15 students of different nationalities, participated in this edition of IAAC Summer School : SMARTitSELF. After 2 weeks of intense workshop, with experimentation on prototypes among others,  the team proceeded to the construction of an 1:1 prototype. ¨Heliocell¨, the project of this edition of Summer School,  is a solar pavilion that has the attribute of transforming its structure so as to follow the sun path and get the maximum advantage of the solar radiation, to be captured by the solar panels incorporated on its skin. The material chosen for the structure was wood,  and the bending strategies of the same were explored by dimensions, fabrication and assembly methods. The integration of sensors and activators served the dynamic character of the structure by offering the necessary controlled movement of the structures ribs. The prototype is now located in the terrace of IAAC´s building. For more details on the workshop follow the IAAC Global Summer School Blog: