Final reviews of Selfsufficient Studio RS2, tutored by Javier Peña and Rodrigo Rubio, took place on tuesday 26, closing the studio presentations. After a first approach to the research, by the means of abstract environmental physical prototyping, and after a first test-bed performed at PobleNou’s 22@, students applied their experimental lines on Torre Baró neighborhood, an informal settlement drawing the limits between Barcelona and Collserola, the perfect workbench to test artificial-natural feedback relationships. Teams presented their proposals based on material investigation, dynamic structures, reactive skins, embeded metabolic cycles. Students worked mainly through physical prototyping with the aim of understand the real material behavior, but digital climatic modeling, parametric distribution logics and electronics implementation were crucial in the development of their processes.

Jury Board:
Antonio San Martin (ASZARQUITECTES -Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona)
Josep Mias (MiAS Arquitects, The Bartlett, School of Architecture ,UCL )
Teresa Gali (Arquitectura Agronomia)
Lluís Viu Rebés (Max de Cusa Architects,IAAC MAAO2)
Jordi Pagés i Ramon(Max de Cusa Architects,IAAC MAAO2)

Tutors: Javier Peña, Rodrigo Rubio Support Seminars Faculty: Luis Fraguada , Guillem Gamprodon, Oriol Carrasco