(Self Sufficient Buildings- Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Above- Masdar City) The Masters in Advanced Architecture program will be traveling the world! Each year the MAA program takes its research out of Barcelona and explores a different region of the world. Past trips include India, Romania, Taiwan, Slovenia-Croatia, and Brazil. This year, the three Research Studios will be exploring a different part of the world. Self Sufficient Buildings will be in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Digital Tectonics will visit Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, and Emergent Territories will travel to Hong Kong. Each trip is related to the focus of each Research and Development Studio. Follow IAAC’s Travels IAAC staff from each group will be updating everyone on Twitter and we will be posting pictures and recaps regularly on the blog. Students have already set off on their travels and updates have started to come in! (Digital Tectonics- Lausanne, Zurich, Munich, Stuttgart, Basel, Geneva) (Emergent Territories- Hong Kong)