The Designing Associativity Seminar is titled as such in order to acknowledge the effort of designing relationships versus explicit objects or forms. MAA Students look at ways to construct logics which take advantage of diverse data sources, algorithms, geometry, and manufacturing processes. Architecture as a practice and experience has often dealt with the negotiation of several elements rendered in a built space. The tools of the trade (both conceptual and instrumental) have played a crucial role in defining how architecture and design evolve through form, materials, scale, and performance. In the end though, designing has always been and will always continue to be about designing associations. The image below  shows a project that uses solar panels that rotate according to sun location to capture the most solar energy possible. Project presented by MAA students Tomas Vivanco and Javier Gonzalez. Above: A modular wind turbine system that changes direction based on wind data (like wind direction, speed, etc.) obtained from a website.  Project by Vittal Siridharan and Harshad Sutar.