Opening day at the Design Hub Barcelona The Design Hub Barcelona is now exhibiting works of famous artists and designers in the world of digital fabrication, Manufacturing Laboratory as a theme – is an exhibition With a variety of works ranging from permanent exhibitions, to a laboratory where one can participate and manufacture real time, and includes workshops and conferences. The permanent Exhibition – Curated by IaaC co-director Marta Malé–Alemany, shows different applications of 3D printing technologies in the world of medicine, food and buildings.Students from School of Architecture at the Architectural Association (AA) together with IaaC students have also exhibited their projects under guidance by Marta Malé–Alemany, Jeroen Van Ameijde (London) and faculty Victor Vina (Iaac-Barcelona). The Dhub Fab an extension of the fab Lab is also placed at the museum where one can manufacture his/her own projects there in real time. Fablab team will assist these manufacturing processes. This Exhibition will continue through out the year till May 2011. For more information on the exhibition go to dhub-bcn.