The Reasearch Studio for Self-Sufficient Building ended with Students presenting their work for invited jury Professor Trilochan Chhaya( Dean of   BSSA, Mumbai),Ignasi Pérez Arnal global ecoforum/IgnasiPerezArnal, JOSEPH BOHIGAS Architect, M.Arch (Columbia), Professor at Escola de Disseny Elisav a (Pompeu Fabra), Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, lUniversidad de Salamanca and Cátedra Mies de la Escola Técnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (UPC) UNGLAUIB Senior Associate EMBT, ALEJANDRO RIOS Architect, PHD, founder PL Arquitectura e ideas SL and to faculty Willy Muller, Maite Bravo and Luis Fraguada. Sleeping inside a dream: New rules of Turistizen was the theme of all projects where students designed a Luxury hotel in Mumbai. These presentations involved discussions where design, function, energy, location, site and self-sufficiency were talked about.