How could we design a self-sufficient city from scratch? How abstract an environment could be? We started analysing the list of world’s cities by quality of living according to Mercer Human Resource Consulting, in order to analyze which are the optimum envinonmental conditions for a city. Our aim was to create a city where those conditions would be reversed, that is, creating a good project in a difficult environment. That environment would have these characteristics: arid climate, lack of river, seaside, mountainous terrain. The use of Grasshopper led us to randomize these variants and to create different base-terrains depending on the randomization degree. In addition, we also considered essential to identify a key-word which could resume our aims. That key-word is identity, a word that groups not only culture, language or religion, but also almost all aspects that concern our lifes, from food to energy, from waste to leisure, work, water, education. That identity concept is also related to scale, so we tried to specity the allowed scale for each of the aspects that concerns identity.