The aim of the exercise was to design through digital fabrication, a  facade or skin of a WikiHouse : the architectural element that act as a mediator between an exterior public space and an interior private space. Digital fabrication techniques allow us to design and fabricate intricate material system that incorporate performative solution mass customized to shape, orientation and context. The challenge was to design the facade with the technique of sectioning detail of wood with 60% of silicon and 40% of wood in the facade.


We came up with an idea of creating both lighting and ventilation inside the wiki house by providing milled panels with perforation on it and silicon sheets for lighting and visibility.

Team 13 - Elevation-IAACLaser Cutting -IAAC

Junktion 2-IAACMilling-IAACTeam 13- Exploded View-IAACTeam 13-Translucent Area-IAAC

Digital Fabrication | The Wiki House Facade is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed atMaster in Advanced Architecture in 2015 by:

Students:Goutham Santhanam | Naitik Shah | Mariacynthia Funk | Andresfelipe Moranavarrete

Faculty: Alexandre Dubor