Sounds,Clouds,Vibes is originally a project based on exploring the bridges in between physical and digital through arduino and processing. Our excitement was to have our own Theremin and visualize it through processing basically. Theremin is an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact but the sensors. Light sensors capture the amount of the light forming various frequencies of sounds through piezos and multiple powered speakers. The target is to make our own sound producing and visualization system through processing. Processing detects different frequencies of sound which ends up in the visualization of the sounds generated by the arduino. The visualization was aimed to be in the form of clouds and waves. The amplitude of the waves are to be directed with the frequency of the sounds from speakers and so light amount.  Through various trials, sound was visualized through the amplitude of the sound from the speakers in the form of sphere geometries instead of waves.Next step of the project would be the exploration of the waves as a visualization of the sounds from arduino instead of sphere as seperate geometrical units.