The exercise conducted as part of computation design studio aims at mimicking an existing facade using parametric design tools. For this exercise, King Fahad National Library was chosen as reference facade, which is a combination of metal frame with fabric second skin.

source :

The geometry was recreated in Rhino, using grasshopper.

Step 1 : Building Profile

Step 2 : Divide one side into equidistant segments

Step 3 : Further subdivide lines into points. Move geometry to create points in diamond formation.

Step 4 : Use pipe command to make the metal framework

Step 5 : Connect points with catenary curves to create geometry that mimics fabric

Step 6 : Run Patch command to make surface that mimics fabric module

Final Geometry baked into Rhino 5


This exercise is part of the first assignment for the computational design studio.

Studio SO.3 faculty :Rodrigo Aguirre and Aldo Sollazzo.

Parametric Fa├žade Exploration is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

developed at MAA01 in 2017-2018 by:

Student: Aman Jain