Our project was aimed to create a closed circle that could include those normally excluded by society, and create a new community in our local area.

We aimed to create a new customisable way of building that would incorporate new technologies. This proposal would redevelope unused areas in our locality that are vacant in order to provide shelters for people who might not have any. In turn this would help improve the local economy and create a new place for the community to socialice.

The cycle starts with a box for the bricks being made, this will become the brick made from mycellium, which will grow mushrooms. Then these baked bricks will become a shelter in which in some of the brick you can grow vegetables, which you can sell, and buy coffee with. This will all be in the created park. Also, these shelters will eventually decay and provide better soil on indusrtial and potentially contaminated sites.



Our site was in Poblenou, we looked for unused sites that had a groceries and a cafe next to them.


The process for making the mycellium bricks, everything needs to be cleaned with alcohol or boiled. The mixture which in our case was straw and coffee grains mixture after cooling with the mycellium, which will bloom oyster mushrooms, then after the final bloom will be baked.

The idea being that people can make their own variations to the shelters needed. 

This is our proposal in site.

Mycellium for shelters is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at Master f Advanced Architecture 01 in 2019 by:
Holly Victoria Carton, Sara Kelliane Alves and Jose Isidro Pastor Tormo
Faculty: Chiara Farinea and Mohamad Elatab