Magnetic Scape

Quantum Arts

Self-Sufficient Buildings 2016-2017
Student: Cagan IZGI
Tutors: Enric Ruiz-Geli, Mireia Luzarraga

These days the system of education is often interrupting the connection between nature and childeren. In addition, it is keeping the kids in closed communities. This situation creates the concept of “OTHERS”. It then continues the stigmatization and ends up with the mental disorders which is a problem of the system that maintains community.

The present world’s sickness is not cancer, heart disease or cholesterol. Today, the most prevalent sickness are mental disorders. When people are having heart problems they do not generally keep it as a secret, but they keep mental disorders as a secret from everyone else.

Through this project I am trying to change the understanding of mental disorders within the new generation of kids through art.

I am also trying to give an opportunity for self-expression to people suffering from disorders  to make them feel free. They will be the community they will be artists they will be the kids…


To do this, I found a site covered in a burnt forest in Barcelona. In the soil of this area there are Silica Oxide Particles.

During forest fire the oxide part is burning and the silica oxide particles become silica (solid) particles, which respond to a magnetic field.

As an architect I am bringing a grid of electro magnets to the site and assistantant drones with neodymium magnets to gain more knowledge of thepossibilities around the change of magnetic field at the area.

From playing with the patterns of grids, to having  full control of the power of electromagnets. Moreover, mixing the soil with different materials and playing with the thickness and jumping parameters of the materials gives lots of opportunities to the people to create structures, sculptures, spaces.

There are designed magnetic gloves for kids as a costume in the project. With these gloves when the child tries to reach to the tree, the tree will reach back to children. It will bring out the connection between the kids and nature.

With this system artists, kids and mentally disordered people will interact and educate each other

We are in a mind blowing system in this Universe and we just started to incise the surface of the reality. Every day there are new and surprising discoveries. Quantum entanglement, free energy, singularity, parallel universes and alternative realities….

All of this is so mind blowing that we would never think a kid can understand. But maybe we need a kid, who is brave enough to think about this mind blowing ideas and theories…


Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Self-Sufficient Buildings 2016-2017

Student: Cagan IZGI

Tutors: Enric Ruiz-Geli, Mireia Luzarraga