The project was to recreate one pavilion and animate it. Lilas pavilion was created by Zaha Hadid architects back in 2007.

The logic of the pseudo code is the next:

Create a series of curves, in this case 3. A smaller one at the bottom, a medium size one at the center and a bigger one on top.

Use a slider and a move panel to move the position on the Z plane of the medium size curve.

Using loft connect the middle and top curve and do the same for the bottom and middle curves, this way we have two separated lofts that can be joined with a mesh.

Use Split Triangles Subdivision to triangulate the mesh for a smother surface and use Join Mesh and Weld to have one single mesh instead of two

By using the slider on the middle curve you can change the position of the curve and change the shape of the mesh.

The images show the subtle movement of the mesh and how it changes over time.

Student: Ricardo Lichtle
Tutors: Rodrigo Aguirre, David Leon, Daniil Koshelyuk