article-2282764-1831F32F000005DC-818_964x641 I might say in this way, without human being, where the shelter is. The special space is turning up because human need it for the kind of weather conditions. Therefore, to mu mind, I can not totally separate from the that infrastructure of cities and mobility of transit. As an architect, I still believe that the notion of the building should always base on the natural instincts who are living in. Undoubtedly, environment is also the crucial part in the process no matter in design thinking or construction. Taking some instance of Hong Kong, we can realize obviously from the standard of living in the local people. As the developed country or rather says having the most influence power of economics around the world, there are approximately 36 million tourists every year. Let’s image how much property they can get from those people. Tourism, along with international trade and financial services are the three main sources of income for Hong Kong. However, having been developing under the kind of situation, Hongkoner do not live in the as luxury space as we thought. In fact, there are over half percent of spaces are used for financial option, even for tourism, therefore, as a fact that hongkoner would rather putting theirselves into the narrow situation. I might say they are the victims of economics development. From the other point of view, they probably do not have another choice, after all, the tourism is the main incomings for the all dwellers.


  Banksy,  believes that “Branding “is everything. It can make or break your business. Companies that get this, spend millions in cultivating strong brands that secure them a loyal following. If you think about what consumers need vs. want, the majority of purchases fall in the “wants” category. Those desires are influenced by fantastic branding campaigns evoking emotion, fears/ fear of missing out, or even hate. A British graffiti street artist whose work has previously sold for over $1 million each, sold pieces for $60 at New York’s Central Park on Saturday. I suppose that is the best example for financially profitable is not actually equivalent to economically feasible. In these generation, there are too much invisible values just flying around the world, sometimes the money what you spend on is just your desire for something, not for real what you need. What I would like say is that there is no answer for yes or no, just depends on what you want at the moment. For instance, designers usually buy some decorations to fit to their design style, probably it is useless in practicability or somehow. However, bear in mind, trust yourself at the moment what you do, and where you are.