With the self sufficient trip across California & Arizona and the case study of MEDIA-TIC as the starting point, the project of  creating an educational experience beings. The institute of music & languages is one that deals with the manipulation of sound, and at it’s heart, aims at making sound tangible, in architecture, and aims to find way to exploit sound energy or other technologies to make the building self-sufficient. The focus, in terms of the education system, is the integration of music and languages as tools for learning, communication & creation of new art forms,and user experience which explores the relation between the two.

The Acoustic maze is an attempt to visualise the new user experience intended in the design which can also dictate the spatial organisation within the building.

Self Sufficient Buildings Studio

MAA01, Semester 02

Project by : Baghya Venkataramani

Tutors       : Enric Ruiz Geli & Mireia Luzerraga