This project was based on a competition entry by Toyo Ito for the Music, Dance & Visual Culture located in Ghent, Belgium. The program defines a need for a modular hall enveloped within a shell that would mediate between the interior and the urban surroundings of the site. The exterior volume is an extrusion of the site that is encased within a facade that accomplishes a negotiation of activities of the interior and exterior by selectively employing the transparent and reflective properties of glass. The glass facade, a veil slipped over concrete forms that divide the spaces into specific programs, further aids in creating the experiential qualities in relation to the continuous surface. Structural double surface geometry of this concrete form creates a continuous load path ultimately providing the desired interior spaces. The continuous concrete surface provides an ideal way for circulation to happen in an unbroken, flowing way between multiple levels, spaces and voids. The resulting layering of the spaces begins to allow for control over interior lighting in relation to the specific needs of the programs. The ultimate goal was to maintain this simple system with minimal components of this concrete mass and minimal glass enclosure as a way to sustain as many spatial features.