Forces Of Nature

The exercise was to use our knowledge in Grasshopper in specific the Kangaroo plugin to see the changes in real time that can be applied to the structure. Kangaroo allow you to play with forces which deforms the original mesh creating an infinite amount of iterations with just one basic shape.


1-Create a triangular grid, explode it and convert it to lines

2-From the lines create a mesh

3-Applied Loop Subdivision to the mesh

4-Find the center points of the triangle and applied a Loop Subdivision

5-Create a curve out of the center points and then explode it

6-Use a Z unit to move the point on the Z plane

7-Use edge length to provide a length factor to the mesh

8-Create anchor points so you can apply different forces to the mesh

9-Flatten the information and pas it to Kangaroo Solver

10-Deconstruct the mesh

11-Assign a color mapping to the mesh

to learn more about the process and how the project was done use the link to watch a video:


Forces Of Nature is a project of IAAC, Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed as part of the Computational Design course at the Master in Advanced Architecture program in 2018/19.

Student: Ricardo Lichtle
Tutor: Rodrigo Aguirre
Support: Daniil Koshelyuk and Nikoleta Mougkasi