Forces of Nature – Light-Responding Tent

Assignment: The task was to create an installation, affected by different forces of nature, to be installed on the rooftop of IAAC.

Proposal: Working on this assignment, I was trying to create a structure that would not only be affected by forces of nature, but would be able to respond and change its’ shape and properties according to them.
I selected sunpath as a main attractor for this tent, and as a result it moves and alters its’ shape in order to create as much shadow as possible, according to the sun position at the moment, by moving up and down its’ corner points.
The shape of the tent is also affected by wind and rainfall, not only by their intensity, but also by their directions.
The colours illustrate deformation of the mesh in comparisson with its’ original shape.

*- General view on IAAC rooftop

Iterations: It was also important to illustrate how different intensity and direction of environmental forces affect the shape and ability of the tent to respond to them. Remote control panels illustrate the influence of different forces of nature on the responsive tent and different iterations show the result.
Iteration 1: This iteration is not affected by wind or precipitations, keeping it’s shape due to tension strength inside the system.

Iteration 2: Second iteration experiences some wind and precipitations pressure, resulting in first shape changes.

Iteration 3: Third iteration is created by different position of supports and corner points, and is also affected by the motion of Sun.

Iteration 4: In this iteration the tents’ corner points are moved again, and it is affected by sun motion.

Iteration 5: In the final iteration the central circle is lifted up, and the wind is stronger than before, while the sun is at it’s average position.