What is an Eco-systemic Structure?

Ecology is the science of relationships between organisms and the physical world, humans included. Our actions and the environments we create through those actions are part of Earth’s ecological system. A system that is constantly in flux, adjusting to external and internal inputs. The idea of ‘ecological’ does not equate to ‘good’/green’ etc, but for us, facing today’s challenges, it means creating balance through the ability to adapt and evolve to the varying inputs.

Therefore, an Eco-systemic structure means considering the relationship of the structure with the other elements of its ecosystem – across temporal and spatial scales. While it will consider things such as material life cycle & efficiency, affordability, ease of fabrication and construction it will also have the ability to respond easily to changing conditions and even create new environments for users to experience. Users may become designers of their own space. In structure this translates into a basic pattern that can be repeated and varied in many ways.

folding structure

Using standard plywood as structure, we fold each panel and intersect some of them in order to increase rigidity.


vierendeel truss

Using GLT wood as vierendeel truss, we can prefab the units which are adaptive and have the capacity to evolve.

In all those model, we try to have a building that is never finished.