(Luminous Algae Wall)



Chrlorella Skin, is an interactive algae farm. That allows this super food to be cultivated anywhere in the world. The project consists on series of programmed  bionic modules that react in different ways to the viewer’s proximity, making a spectacle out of the systems required for the maintenance of the algae colony.

Due to its high nutritional value, and its fast growth rate, Chrlorella Sps. (Spirulina Algae) could potentially become a tool in the reduction of malnourishment, providing food for communities in need, and other emergency situations. Due to its absorbent properties, Spirulina can also be implemented as a tool for water purication,and most recently it has been developed as a potential source of biofuel and for the production of more sustainable material alternatives like textiles and bioplastics.



Input – Output




Final prototype: