. Satellight is a website which allows you to access daylingting and energy related data measured from satellights. Values have been measured half-hourly during the years 2000 till 2005 which results in a very detailed empiric life data source which can be used as a planning tool for energy or daylighting design. In the following data mapping exercise with Rhino and Grasshopper we have chosen a time frame of one month’s measurments and have mapped the dayly maximum values of global ( sun+sky), diffuse ( sky only) and direct ( sun only) radiation. The three data sets are layouted in a 3 dimensional polar diagram; in taking section from this diagram it is possiblke to extract information for single days which are displayed in a two dimensional diagram

Each graph is represented as a colored surface; the circular selection wheel indicates the current day and marks the intensity boundaries.

Control sliders for selection of day for which radiation data is to be extracted and for scaling of diagram.