Lincoln Zoo Pavilion

Part yoga pavilion, part outdoor classroom, the South Pond Pavilion at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo is a stunning architectural statement located along the Zoo’s new Nature Boardwalk.

Designed by Chicago-based Studio Gang Architects, the prefab pavilion is part of a larger effort to rehabilitate the zoo’s dilapidated pond into a natural habitat and exhibit of pond life.

The project also features a boardwalk made from recycled plastic milk bottles and other educational components.


Psuedo Code

Begin with identifying the various elements of the built mass:


• Wooden shell structure

• Fibre Glass infill pods


• For the built mass, start by defining the base geometry – arc.

• Once the base geometry is achieved, start to interpolate the base arc to for another mirrored version.

• By extruding along the achieved curve; the resultant geometry is achieved.

• For the infills, join the various divided points on the curves and loft them.