MAA Students Presenting their Work at the Design for Experience Age Midterms

Last week the students of the first year of the Master in Advanced Architecture went through the Mid-term presentations of the three Introductory Studios of the current Academic Year, conceived under the motto “Design for the Experience Age“.

The studio The Metabolic Beach, led by the Senior Faculty Javier Peña and the Faculty Oriol Carrasco, with the assistance of Nikol Kirova, is about developing the skills, knowledge and comprehension of metabolic and ecological processes applied to a new understanding of the public spaces.

Students will be able to recognise those processes and transform them into new inputs and situations that will be used as design drivers for their advanced architectural proposals.

The life of a place is bound to perpetually change in an unpredictable manner; can this become the driver in a process of planning space?

The studio Programming the Perpetual Unknown, led by Senior Faculty Edouard Cabay, Faculty Rodrigo Aguirre and with the assistance of Peter Magnus, in its first weeks focused on the development of an automated machine: a board game.

Students are constructing these games as machines that perform autonomously, driven by orders and by data input. These machines will eventually lead towards a perpetual movement, an ever-changing landscape of actions and reactions, they will ultimately be set alive, autonomous, automated.