InAtlas Brings Big Data and Location Analytics at the Master in City & Technology

Master in City & Technology students are getting ready for the final presentations of Urban Analytics, the seminar led by Luis Falcon, which will take place next 7th of May at IAAC.

Four working groups will present the findings of theirs 5-month monitoring which aim was to validate a Twitter data base to analyse population’s urban patterns.

Which grade of spatial disaggregation allows consistent urban patterns analysis?

Several general topics have been approached, such as time (minutes, hours, time slots, days, weeks), themes (politics, leisure and entertainment, culture, sports, events), user profiles (Nationality, influencers, users profiles shaped by tweeted thematics, etc).

Luis Falcon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Big Data and Location Analytics company inAtlas, working to make possible for everyone to access, understand and apply relevant information to make better and faster decisions based on location.