IAAC Head of Studies Mathilde Marengo about Innovation and Spaces

We’re glad to announce that on Saturday 12th of May, IAAC Head of Studies Mathilde Marengo will be lecturing about “Innovation and Spaces: a New Relationship” in the framework of the activities of the Poblenou Open Day 2018.

Mathilde will discuss the potentials of integrating technologies into our urban environment and design practices to open a dialogue between citizens and urban planners, towards more inclusive design processes.

The discussion will revolve around 2 projects developed in IAAC: Poblejoc, an adaptive, productive, informative and informed urban game implemented in the Superilla Pilot, in the framework of the APS co-funded Creative Europe Project, and SuperBarrio, an open source gaming interface oriented towards boosting citizen engagement in design processes, developed in the framework of the Master in City & Technology, and also implemented in the Superilla Pilot.

The forum, that will be held at the cultural center Apart of Firma and curated by Firma, aims at opening the discussion on how to transform and redefine space to become an environment that promotes innovation, sustainability & efficiency.

From different perspectives, four professionals from different sectors will share their insights, points of view and experiences:

17:30h – Miquel Martí (Pier01 – Barcelona Tech City)
17:45h – Fernando de la Rosa (Foxize)
18:05h – Natali Canas del Pozo (El Equipo Creativo)
18:30h – Mathilde Marengo (IAAC)

Apart is a multidisciplinary space born for the purpose of hosting activities linked to design, creativity, innovation and education. Apart is an old spring manufacturer location in Poblenou. An open space for sharing, training, ideas and action.