IAAC Alumni Jonathan Irawan to Champion a SmartGeometry Cluster Workshop

IAAC is very excited to announce that MAA Alumnus Jonathan Irawan will be championing a Cluster Workshop at the next SmartGeometry Conference, from the 7th-12th of May 2018 in Toronto!

The cluster is revisiting Nicholas Negroponte’s “The Seek” project from 1969. This year’s challenge revolves around Machine Minds, the implementation of machine learning and AI to Architecture and Design.

Here you can find a little sneak peek of the course “Behavioural Environments” but hurry up, registrations to join the cluster development closes on the 5th of March!

Jonathan Irawan is currently Computational Designer at Hassell Studio. He specialises on the research based and experimental aspects of Architecture. His research focus revolves around highly responsive and adaptive systems, based on behavioural analysis and simulation, centered towards the relationship and interactivity between space, object/ architecture and their respective social agencies.