IAAC Graduation and Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony took place on June 30th at the Valldaura Self-sufficient Labs, officiated by IAAC Academic Coordinator Mathilde Marengo. More than a hundred students coming from forty different countries, and accompanied by their families, attended the event opened by the end-of-year speech of IAAC Academic Director Areti MarkopoulouStudents representative speeches followed before the Master in Advanced Architecture and Master in City & Technology diploma deliverance started. 


After this first session was the moment of the Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony, where IAAC Theory Advisors Maite Bravo, Manuel Gausa, and Jordi Vivaldi presented the Advanced Architecture Concepts & Research Awards to students Burak Paksoy, Michel Azzi, Mohamad Atab of MAA01, for their project Changing the World through Swarm Intelligence, and to the MAA02 student Juan Diego Ramirez Leon, for his Autonomy Project.

Next was the turn of IAAC Senior Faculty Willy Müller and Jordi Vivaldi presenting the New Urban Paradigms Award to the MAA01/Intelligent Cities students Abdullah Ibrahim, James Nurtanio Njo and Stefan Fotev for the projects part of Productive CitiesEnric Ruiz Geli and Mireia Luzárraga presented the Particles Beyond Buildings Award to the MAA01/Self Sufficient Building students Thora Hafdis Arnardottir, Fulvio Brunetti, Maria Cynthia Funk and Mercedes Swiecicki for the projects part of the Department of Molecular Architecture.

iaac graduation

Academic Director Areti Markopoulou, and Faculty Alexandre Dubor and Angelos Chronis presented the Programmable Material Innovation & Responsive Design Award to the MAA01/Digital Matter Intelligent Constructions students Ingried Ramirez, Robert Staples, Burak Paksoy and Chenthur Raaghav for their project Pro_Skin – Graphene ArchitectureIAAC Coordinators Mathilde Marengo, Marco Ingrassia and Maria Kuptsova presented the Touch Sound Interaction Award to the MAA01/Advanced Interaction student Lina Salamanca for the project Eroticism – Intimacy.

Javier Peña, Rodrigo Rubio and Oriol Carrasco presented the Metabolic Revolution Hacking Nature Award to the MAA01/Design with Nature students Jose Javier Fernandez Ponce, Jessica Dias, Andre Resende for their project RizomaAreti Markopoulou and Marco Ingrassia presented the Adaptive & Augmented City Award to the MaCT/Responsive City students Mohit Chaugule, Chiara Dall’Olio, Caglar Gokbulut, Rahul Pudale, Chenghuai Zhou for the project Adaptive Neighbourhood.


Jordi Pages & Lluis Viu presented the Rigorous Drawing & Precision Thinking Award to the MAA02/Thesis student Asya Guney for the project Athmosphere. The Bio Material & Living System Innovation Award went to the MAA02/Thesis student Nina Jotanovic for the project Responsive ManifoldsVicente Guallart and Ruxandra Iancu presented the Advancing Future Habitats Award to the MAA02/ Thesis student Luisa Roth for the project Dynamic Cityscape.