The various outcomes of mountain formation inspired the form 
finding of recursion:

Through reverse drawing and form finding, 
the cluster of the Whakaari White Island in New Zealand 
stood as a precedent for the star form. 

By studying the linear mountain formations of Sok National Park, 
the helix shape mimicked this linear and more gridlike tectonic formation. 

The circular shaping of the Caribbean Islands inspired the 
spiral formation of mountains. 


Define the boarders of your exploration.

Set one of the three curves, star, helix, or spiral 
as the path for recursive growth.

Control the form, size, and limitations of the growth 
with domain limits and sine, cosine, and tangent curves. 
These trigonometric functions vary the output of the 
recursive exponents.

Analyze the various iterations by applying contours 
and height dependent gradient for juxtaposing comparisons.




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